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MedLite Tattoo Removal

Can lasers erase all tattoos?
Lasers are the safest way to remove tattoos. But, not all lasers can erase tattoos. As with any laser-based skincare procedure, a physician must choose the correct wavelength based on the color of the tattoo ink. The MedLite C6 and RevLite lasers are considered the gold standard for single and multi-color tattoo removal.

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Why is MedLite considered the gold-standard for tattoo removal?
The original MedLite was introduced nearly 20 years ago, pioneering the use of PhotoAcoustic energy for tattoo removal and other indications. Since then, HOYA ConBio scientists have updated and evolved this laser based on clinical studies and physician feedback. The current version, the MedLite C6, represents state-of-the-art technology. The RevLite is built on the same core platform as the MedLite C6 – and harnesses 60% more power for certain procedures.

How do PhotoAcoustic lasers work to eliminate tattoos?
The PhotoAcoustic energy works to gently vibrate and fragment the tattoo ink into tiny micro-particles that are gradually eliminated by the body’s natural process.

Does laser tattoo removal hurt? The tattoo ink absorbs a great deal of the laser energy and some patients may feel mild discomfort as the physician traces the design. Topical anesthetic may be applied prior to treatment to minimize any discomfort.

How long will it take to remove my tattoo with a laser?
Depending on the size of the tattoo, the amount of colors and the type of ink, you will need 6 to 15 sessions.

Additional Information About Tattoo Removal

Although a tattoo looks like a simple painting on the skin, it’s actually a series of ink deposits placed deep into the skin – designed to last forever. The reality is that thousands of people decide to remove their tattoos each year because the designs are no longer relevant to their lifestyle. Lasers are the answer.

Lasers are the safest and most effect way to remove tattoos. The MedLite C6 and RevLite are the gold standard tools for this sophisticated procedure, using up to four different wavelengths to remove multiple colors of tattoo ink.

The MedLite C6 and RevLite use PhotoAcoustic energy to safely penetrate the skin and target the tattoo at its core. Each pass of the laser vibrates and gently shatters the tattoo ink into micro-particles that are eventually eliminated through the body’s natural processes. Because the laser delivers the energy in a very precise ‘beam,’ physicians can trace the design without damaging the surrounding skin.

Patients say the experience feels similar to the tattoo application itself – a snap of a rubber band followed by a feeling of warmth. That said, it takes much longer to remove a tattoo than to get a tattoo – about six to 15 sessions, depending on the amount of colors, the size of the design and the type of ink. Black tattoos are easier to remove than multi-colored designs -- but all tattoos must be treated with the proper laser.

Many physicians cool the skin first with ice or cold air. After the first few treatments, you’ll notice a temporary whitening of the treated area. Over time, the tattoo fades and the skin returns to normal color.

Most lasers use heat, or photo-thermal energy, as the primary method of action. RevLite and MedLite C6 lasers pioneered the use of PhotoAcoustic technology – high-speed energy waves that penetrate the skin in nanoseconds, minimizing the amount of heat in each procedure. These PhotoAcoustic waves have a variety of uses -- they gently vibrate collagen fibers to smooth wrinkles and acne scars … while stimulating new collagen growth. They can also be used to fragment tattoo ink, remove brown “sun spots,” eliminate unwanted hair…. and provide an aesthetic medical solution for overall skin rejuvenation.

The MedLite C6 is the newest generation of the original MedLite laser, launched nearly two decades ago as a safe, non-invasive tool to improve the skin’s appearance and treat common concerns. Today, it remains the gold standard laser for tattoo removal and skin rejuvenation worldwide.

The RevLite evolved from the MedLite lasers and has a new PTP setting that harnesses more power for certain treatments. It’s the same core technology – with an easy-to-use touch-screen panel.

Both the MedLite C6 and RevLite lasers have strong safety profiles and, for most treatments, can be used on all skin colors and types.

For more information about MedLite Tattoo Removal or to schedule an appointment with one of our medical professionals, please use our request information form, or call us at (909) 993-5018.